Accommodation Tours Danube Delta on Floating Hotels

ANDA 1 Floting Hotel 4 ****

In short:

- Entertainment: rowing boats, motor boats, speed boats, bananas recreational water ski. floating hotels cruising the delta
Fishing: fishing equipment, permits, natural and artificial baits, guides
- Birdwatching: specialized guides, transportation silent.
- Teambuilding: organizing logistics, up to 108 places on the pontoon and four-star 4-star +, proposal teambuilding programs, fishing contests

Anda a floating hotel
has an entertainment complete with its own set of services available to customers to allow the organizing and conducting tours and activities in the best and safest conditions

For transport channels and rides can be used from simple rowboats, motor boats power boats up to speed. the dock floating talks about delta
Catamarans are accompanied by sailors and / or depending on the type of specialized guides tours
In terms of entertainment, for a little adrenaline and you can rent to make a banana or water ski

Fishermen used or we can provide professional equipment and licenses necsar (or at least getting them), natural bait for any species of fish, fishing grounds and arrange testing and useful information to any fisherman.
People can make a rookie initiation into the mysteries of fisheries guidance is provided by our experienced sailors born and raised in the Delta.

Lovers of nature and bird watching enthusiasts we can provide the perfect quiet specialized guides and transportation in order to penetrate the wildest places without sacrificing form and landscape picture.

If you choose to organize larger projects or conferences, seminars, team building trainings, we can be helpful in organizing and solving logistical problems to your dispotitia offering 72 places on floating hotels

Anda a floating hotel description:

     * 9 double rooms totaling a total of 18 seats
     * bathroom for each room
     * Hot water always sleeping accommodation the dock Delta Tulcea
     * Generating electricity produced by its own
     * air conditioning in all accommodation
     * plant mosquito
     * conference room with Satellite TV and Video Projection
     * Satellite TV in every room
     * bar stocked with various drinks
     * Own kitchen
     * covered terrace in the stern and bow pontoon
     * floating hotel terrace beach
     * Motor boats for trips on the canals
     * fast boat for water skiing
     * own tug boat (motorboat to cruise)
     * No staff available in 4 people
     * 10 tonnes of potable water tanks
     * cold storage of food