Delta Holiday March 1

Offer March 1, 2018 Delta | Cruises trinket in nature
 - Adventure, Exotic  ,Relaxation
 - The place where you can feel truly free, where you feel alive

YOU LOVED AND NATURE !! You must visit this paradise created by nature, least once in life! Let's try to know it ..... Danube Delta  

We value the every guest and wish I lived experience Floating Hotel ANDA,to remain one of the most enjoyable memories of your so that we offer you only true professionals , instructors of fishing, watersports trainers ,boat driver, cook, waiter, bartender .

Floating Hotel 4 **** ANDA
is a vessel who offers the comfort of a luxury hotel
but where you feel the walls pressing , where you are not disturbed and not disturbing anybody a floating hotel where you feel free . Which may be better than can sleeping eat or have fun in every corners Delta's you choosing yourself !!!

Floating Hotel 4 **** + ANDA is the most original place of accommodation do you partaker in the spectacle  and Delta  exoticism , where can admire and studying about wild flora and fauna , where you can be only with the friends in middle of nature , an undisturbed by anyone , may be only ripple of water , the music birds birds chirping or the window of your room.

Only in such a hotel can do it anytime you want  you can even fishing on board ,
you can sunbath on the terrace or you can spend or you can spend with friends with music turned up , In the morning you can admire  the fishermen in their boats, to go and cast nets.

March 1 Package Tour     -     Delta girlfriend weekend

Tulcea – Lebada – Crisan – Danube Old – Trei Iezere – Lake Bogdaproste- Lake Radacinos – Lake Lung – Mila 23 – Ligheanca – and Vacaru -  Chanel Olguta- Chanel Sontea – Lake Fortuna – Baclanesti Mari – Lake Nebunu – Lake Sireasa – Chanel 36 – Tulcea

  First day
Embarking on the floating hotel, serving cocktail reception, accommodations, information on the carrying program and tourist route. (is served the lunch in time
detaching from the shore) , the beginning starting cruise on the Danube Delta starting on the Sulina arm .
Program will, to continue the route to visit old arm of Danube in N- E of Crisan heading for the lakes Trei Iezere , Bogdaproste , Radacinos , Lung will hold contests where carp and pike fishing . It will serve dinner .. and then we will organize a party for the ladies and domnisorele on board the occasion of March 1

A second day
After breakfast, the hotel will head to town 23 Mila (village of fishermen ) having the opportunity to visit local churches Old Style some the traditional house lipovans Rus and lakes, Lake Ligheanca Lake
Vacaru  after  then lunch will be served.
Continuing the program may be include
Recreational water ski contest (fee ) and motor boat on in the neighborhood channels then we put on the hotel where dinner will be served  followed by the free choice program .

Third Day
After breakfast we will head to the group of lakes Fortuna , Baclanesti Marii , Nebunu lunch while the hotel will go slowly on channel  Sontea , here you have the opportunity to film and photograph the bird diversity , famous swans and in the neighborhood landscape , After a short trip on the lake will serve lunch while we will head on channel Sireasa and then 36
to go out on arm Tulcea where we will anchor in the Port Travel Tulcea, has finished with good bye dinner service.

 * The boats run under rules in force for from sunrise to sunset and depending on weather and water rates
* Menus and the route will be prepared by mutual agreement with the group

The package includes :
- agreement motor boats or rowing boats and
equipment  related
-  trip in Danube Delta in the 
Channels  Danube  
-    accommodation in Floating hotels 4 *
-    adventure team building programs with the treasure hunt
-    photography in nature , portrait, original Danube Delta
-    mineral water and coffee included
-    tourist assistance specializing in sport fishing and qualified guides
-    fishing pike, catfish, rapacious carp, carp , perch
-    observation of wild birds or water thrush
-    full pension :  prepared the traditional food from Danube Delta , but is posibil  a picnic on the waterfront
-    agrement  - rowboats through areas and quiet
-    amateur and professional fishing equipment
-     taxes Police Frontier of Tulcea
-    Taxes ports , A.P.D.M  Galati

    Extra charge :

-    motor boats and fast boats for transfers to any destination in the Delta
-    medical insurance during the entire trip on Delta
-    taxes A.R.B.D.D  Tulcea
-    fishing lures , boilies for carp , spoons for pike
-    fast boat trips on the Delta channels
-    alcoholic drink  may be purchased at the hotel bar
-    service menu and vegetarian diet
-    artistic program of songs and dances lippovan
-    paintball ( minim 10 persons for 2 day )
-    stay movie - recording video in dvd format  ,the most beautiful moments.