Delta Tour

Danube Delta tour in 7 days

Cruise on the Delta Tour of floating hotels may involve moving a distance of about 20 -50 miles a day, can be statioanate hotels anywhere in the anchor where you can organize boat trips to different channels and lakes

- program  (7 days and 6 nights).
- Services included:
accommodation on floating hotels 4 ****

Full board throughout the stay
Cruise the Danube Delta with floating hotels
rowing boats available to customers
Mineral water and coffee with a liter of wine person days
Fishing tools

taxes (ARBDD, border police, port fees)
- Additional services available (optional):
Rent motor boats and fast boats
fishing bait
non-stop bar stocked with a multiple range of drinks

Diet and vegetarian menu (recommended)
• Medical insurance
banana pleasure
Recreational water ski

The route will run as follows:
Tulcea - Murighiol - Uzlina - Isaac Lake - Perivolovca - Loops from km 30-40
Erenciuc Lake - St. George with exit  to  Black Sea and island of Sahalin  - Channel Tataru
Rosu Lake and Rosulet - Channel Bosurca - Sulina City bordering the Black Sea
Letea Forest - the Old Danube  - Crisan - Lake Bogdaproste and 3 Iezere - Mile 23
Ligheanca Lake - Lake Fortuna - Baclanesti -  Lake Nebunu  - Canal 36 - Tulcea

First day:
Boarding floating hotel, cocktail reception catering, accommodation, information on the carrying out program and the tourist route

freely. It serves lunch, detachment from the shore early in the Danube Delta cruise departing on the arm of St. George and entrance channel Litcov, visiting lakes Isaac and Gorgovat &  Gorgova, the hotel dinner overnight.

The next day:
Serving breakfast, continue the journey with a visit to Lake Isaac Uzlina where you can film or photograph the great variety of birds (fishermen will be handed utensils and fishing lures ) Serving lunch, sightseeing spot visit of the city Uzlina largest area there the cormorants colony on the St. George branch , Pojarnia Lake  looking specifically delta fishing areas, organization or motor boat rowing boats on the flood patches
Durnoleapca, Isacel lake, canal Isac I, Cyril with mesh water lake nearby

trip to in the hotel. Serving dinner, program will (dance contest with Awards) darkens Uzlina floating hotel near the town.

Third day:
Serving breakfast. Continue up the path in the town of St. George, visit the town, visit the Tourist Complex place to place film festival "Anonymous", and churches of old style architecture Lippovan .Lunch. Boarding on motor boats on the beach where we land the Black Sea (to the beach) option can visit one of the most famous islands in the Danube Delta, the old lighthouse and the island Sacalin.

sport fishing enthusiasts fishing the area offers opportunities for carp, catfish, perch, pike, bream, perch, crucian carp, rudd, tench.

The fourth day:
Serving breakfast. Continue Tataru channel route and visiting the Rosu Lake and  Rosulet hotel may choose to anchor on the lake and the boat boarding .

crossing the lake Puiu you can have lunch , exit channel Caraorman visiting Caraorman then to reach Crisan village located on the of Sulina arm of Sulina town and we headed for sightseeing such as found here :
and old tombstones in the cemetery of the town, the old lighthouse and the palace of the Danube Commission. Serving dinner and overnight in hotel .

The fifth day:
  Serving breakfast, travel on the of Sulina arm entering on the Old Danube and on the channel where they will land Magearu , where we disembark from on the hotel and we embark on our boat with the objective of visiting the Forest Letea

lunch, we headed for lakes Bogdaproste and lake Trei Iezere will hold contests where motor boats  and ski water. Serving dinner on the Old Danube and return to where we aim the day visiting the town 23 Mila .

The sixth day:
Serving breakfast, visit the village of Mila 23 Regarded as the mid point of the triangle formed by the three branches of the Danube The old village knew where to keep the archaic charm giving a true and today the fishermen's villages and an old fashioned way of life unchanged for centuries . Lunch - traditional fisherman's soup to be served Furtuna Lake
, transfer motor boats to visit Rotund  Lake , Baclanesti Lake  and lake Ligheanca where they will hold fishing contests, serving dinner and after that there will be a campfire and a farewell party .

The seventh day:
Serving breakfast, Continue Sontea channel visiting Lake Nebunu  , lake spoil protected Biosphere Reserve Delta Danube .  While the hotel Lunch move on the The new Sontea Garla
whit exit in  channel 36 near the town of Tulcea. Berthing in the port of Tulcea Travel .

 Rates floating hotels cruising in the Danube Delta on the predetermined lines of passage ((see route map))

 Number of persons on the a hotel or two floating on the the Danube Delta Cruise


   Nr pers          3 day/2 night    4. day/3 night night.     6 day/5 night      .7 day/6 night.     8 day/7 night

18/36 pers             190                       230                   305                       380                       455                    495
16/32 pers             210                       260                   345                       430                        515                   545
14 /28pers             230                       280                   375                       460                        550                   595
12/24 pers             250                       330                   440                       550                        660                   695

Prices are in EUR / stay per person and include T.V.A
Season (November-April): 10% discount


For a 7 night stay we offer: 50% Discount
All - Inclusive + 10 euros / day / person
Note: The boats move under rules in effect from sunrise to sunset and depending on weather and water rates

- Captain reserves the right to change the route in case of bad weather;
- Tourists will have to follow the rules of the ship;

- Offer
is valid for groups of 18 persons (on a floating hotel) or 54 persons (three floating hotels
Transfers on request
- The menu for each holiday and set it according to the wishes of guests

- hotels offer full board and the Delta cuisine
- 70% prepared fish menus, combined with fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, meat
- the
menu: fish soup, brine carp, catfish, grilled, stuffed pike, caviar, carp roe, pike roe, beluga caviar, sevruga grilled frog legs, grilled mackerels