Offer May 1 in Danube Delta

  May 1 Delta Dunarii on floating hotels

  Reduction 5% if this offer is reserve to a minimum of four months starting on departure

  -  Everyone is getting ready to go to sea, trains to the seaside will be full en Gara de Nord from Bucharest will transform into a lot of people . And some will be lost who choose to spend these few days off to mountain , away from the crowds . So it seems natural and  if you still have some days off , take advantage of them to relax en and give not more crowded that day trying to avoid.
 - An alternative to May 1 is the Danube Delta.
It is a paradise opens its gate for visitors even in mid-April . I know the first thing is: there are many mosquitoes , are not good conditions , eat only fish and I do not like. I want to contradict . Floating hotels and tourist locations recently constructed will offers accommodation to world class standards and do not eat only fish and can offer many activities available to tourists.

  - Entertainment opportunities for groups are more diversified .It can organize on kind of program for team – building with all kinds of activities in the open air and on the arms of Danube , can even go to the sea, to St. George where the Danube spill into the Black Sea.  It also , you can reserve  a trip one of the floating hotels with a suitable program such as:

Departure from Tulcea on a cruise: 30 April 2018 hours 13.00 (dockside Tulco )
Coming in Tulcea from cruise : 03 May 2018 hours 10.00 ( dockside Tulco )

- Program ( 4 day and 3 night ) is  for individual registrations to form groups of 10 persons to 18 and  or up to 36 people.
- Places vacant : 36 (number of  places  free is updated in real time this page  and optional by email .

 - Minimum number of persons for registration is 10 persons , and deadline for registration is 15 days before departure day trip.
 - Prices vary depending on the number of people submitted (from 10 persons / up to 18 floating hotel that 36 persons /2 floating hotel )
Prices of this program start from the minimum number of people ( 10 persons) for that excursion becomes valid and also reduce
depending on the up to a maximum of 18persons for floating hotel.

Guarded parking for cars is assured fee in dockside Tulco .
The package includes :
-     agreement motor boats or rowing boats and
-     equipment  related
-     trip in Danube Delta in the 
-    Channels  Danube 
-    accommodation in Floating hotels 4 *
-    adventure team building programs with the treasure hunt
-    photography in nature , portrait, original Danube Delta
-    mineral water and coffee included
-    tourist assistance specializing in sport fishing and qualified guides
-    fishing pike, catfish, rapacious carp, carp , perch
-    observation of wild birds or water thrush
-    full pension :  prepared the traditional food from Danube Delta , but is posibil  a           picnic on the waterfront
-    agrement  - rowboats through areas and quiet
-    amateur and professional fishing equipment
-     taxes Police Frontier of Tulcea
-    Taxes ports , A.P.D.M  Galati

    Extra charge :
-    motor boats and fast boats for transfers to any destination in the Delta
-    medical insurance during the entire trip on Delta
-    taxes A.R.B.D.D  Tulcea
-    fishing lures , boilies for carp , spoons for pike
-    fast boat trips on the Delta channels
-    alcoholic drink  may be purchased at the hotel bar
-    service menu and vegetarian diet
-    artistic program of songs and dances lippovan
-    paintball ( minim 10 persons for 2 day )
-    stay movie - recording video in dvd format  ,the most beautiful moments.

The route will take place over a period of 4 days 3 nights so:

 Day 1 : Port Tulcea -  Crisan
 Day 2 : Crisan – Lake Fortuna ( Lake Bogdaproste – Lake Trei Iezere – Lake Radacinosu – Chanel Lopatna – Village Mila 23 – Lake Ligheanca – Lake Vacaru – Lake Fortuna )

  Day 3 : Lake Fortuna – Lake Nebunu ( Lake Rotund – Lake Baclanestii Mare – Chanel Sontea – Cap Candura – Lake Nebunu – Chanel Sireasa )
  Day 4 : Lake Nebunu – Arm Tulcea – Port Tulcea

 The route can extend another night including ,
choosing to visit Forest Letea or City of Sulina whit exit to Black Sea or Chanel Caraorman whit Grindul Caraorman or else Lake Rosu and Rosulet .

  Day 1 :
-    Tourists arrival in Tulcea , meeting and taking their parking cars . –
-    Boarding in Floating Hotels handing keys accommodation rooms.
Master of the vessel with crew will serve with a brandy and will invite in restaurant , where you will have a small environmental training and security and length of stay.
 After all uncertainties have been established (if there  exist ) with your permission ships will leave port Tulcea Travel following the default route to reach the heart of the Danube Delta , in time to your lunch will taste gourmet dishes from Dobrogea and you can admire the landscape of Sulina f or about 4 hours .
 Once on the Old Danube near the village of Crisan  , will be served after dinner can begin preparing an evening like this you where posibil choice a quiet and relaxing time in nature or a party with music and other fun items  ( to our proposal or your ) .

  Day 2 : 
After breakfast the day program can be organized according to the tourist preferance
options which will : a very nice ride motor boats on lakes and canals (under the proposed route for this day ) or a fishing session on the Old Danube near floating hotels.
 Depending on the number of people who will opt for a boat motor meeting point for lunch may be the same as the starting or may move between floating hotels for the 23 Mile where after lunch we suggest a visit to the fishing village of Mila 23 .While moving hotels sont Channel Sontea  to spend the night on Lake Fortuna may continue to rest on the afternoon whit boat  or motor to Ligheanca and Vacaru lakes' floating hotels welcoming dinner , a camp fire or a fishing or pike and perch.

 Day 3 :

After breakfast time can be spent fishing on lakes Fortuna and Baclanesti ( where is posibil banana ride, swim or water ski ) .
 Otherwise you can opt for a trip on the lakes and channels according to schedule for  this day then we will meet the floating hotels to eat lunch while we move the channel Sontea  to Lake Nebunu , for us to fully enjoy one last evening will begin with a dinner in force followed by a farewell party.

 Day 4 :
While serving breakfast, floating hotels will go to chanel sireasa and 36 whit destination Port Tulcea Travel , where tourists will be landing.
Prices start from this program the minimum number of persons becomes valid for that trip( 10 persons ) and reduce the number of persons registered in Up to a limit of 18 or 36 people per  floting hotels .

 Prices vary depending on the number of people registered as :

 18 pers          - 75 euro /pers/day (recommended )

 17 pers           - 80 euro / pers / day

 16 pers           - 85 euro / pers / day
 15 pers           - 87 euro / pers / day

  14 pers          - 92 euro / pers / day

  13 pers          - 97 euro  /pers / day

 12 pers          - 105 euro / pers / day

11 pers           - 110 euro / pers / day

 10 pers         -  115 euro /pers/day (Guaranteed Departure  )

 Prices do not include T.V.A
our order will be firm only after confirmation of reservation for the desired period and the number of people whant as well as advance payment of 50% of the value of the action requested.
Acceptance as a tool to pay for travel and holiday vouchers provided meal tickets

MENU  Culinary

Lunch   :
 The Greek chicken soup
 Platelet carp with polenta
 Baked apples with cream

 Dinner :
Stuffed pike, meatballs, pike caviar
Grill "barbecue" camp fire
Cake and Champagne

Bacon Trays, frankfurters with mustard, fried eggs,
Cheese, cheese, butter, jam, tea / milk, coffee

Lunch :
Fish soup (carp, catfish, starlet)
Carp fish in tomato sauce to the pan with polenta
Ice cream with whipped cream

Dinner :
 Parisian perch with boiled potatoes and lemon
Wild boar in chips come with peasant potatoes and salad
 Sponge cake

 Breakfast :
Swedish Buffet - Tea, coffee, yogurt, butter, jam,
Cheese, traditional ham
Salami, tomatoes, cucumbers

 Lunch :
Fish soup (carp, catfish, pike, starlet)
The flesh of wild boar in the pan with cabbage salad
Pie Dobrogeana

 Dinner :
Gujon of perch
Skewers with salad
Cabbage rolls

Sunday :
Breakfast :

Swedish Buffet (Kaiser, muscles, ham, cheese, cheese, tomatoes, eggplant salad, cucumber and fried eggs)
- tea, butter, coffee, jam.


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